One Day Away…

Gah, so I’m sort of starting to pack, but not really. I still have one day, plus driving, so it’s a bit more complicated than normal. Plus, I just finished cleaning the tub and realized I’m covered in bleach powder. Grr. Anyway…

I’m still incredibly nervous about going. My dad reneged on paying for the gas to drive down and the hotel room for my brother to stay in, and he and Joe decreed that I have to pay for my brother’s hotel room. Keep in mind, I don’t need a hotel, I have an apartment, but somehow I have to pay for Joe. Very stressed about this. I’m physically ill even thinking about this. In a similar vein, I wanted to leave at 7 am on Saturday, but instead, Joe and Dad feel that it is more imperitive for me to pick up Joe at my father’s house and leave around 9. Great. Just ecstatic-inducing (that’s a lie, it’s more vomit inducing).

Right now I’m also uploading films for my ipod for when I’m not driving. So far I have Thunderstruck, Young Victoria (Yes, I’ve seen it, but I’ve been meaning to rewatch it), the Social Network, Resident Evil (I’ll try it, we’ll see if I like it), Mommy Dearest, Airbender, Fun and Fancyfree, and the first season of Gossip Girl (same experiment as Resident Evil).

Tomorrow will be action packed. I need to get my car cleaned to get the cigarette smoke out that my dad blew all over the car even though I asked him not to. I also need to fill the car since my dad used a half tank of gas, I need to go to Meijer and get a clothes hamper and food for the ride down. I need to go through my things and pack them, which means everything I own except my Barbies, (I do wish I could take my Samantha Stevens doll with me, though. Maybe I’ll have mom send her down next week…), also, I need to remove the glitter on my nails and apply a neutral manicure (I wanted to get a gel manicure so I don’t chew on my fingernails, but since I’m now paying for Joe’s hotel, I’ll have to take my file on the road with me), I have a hair appt. at five to get my roots done, I’m meeting some friend’s after, and after that I want to see Tron (it’s a Disney movie and they are heavily promoting it right now so I wanna say that I saw it). Hopefully all this will end in a sleep by 11 pm…


By the way, just watched the Doctor Who episode, “Blink” again. It is awesome. I’m attaching a link. You absolutely need to watch this. You don’t need to know anything about Doctor Who to watch it, since he’s barely in it. It stars Carey Mulligan and I just love the plot. It’s a bit scary, so don’t wet yourself.

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