On the road (part 3)

Sorry about the lack of updating. I’ve been so busy. Last night I fell asleep at 9 and probably could have slept until noon. To recap from where I left off:

I awoke to the bright Georgia sun shining into the room, illuminating the two beds in a golden halo of warmth. The trees were lush and green and the wind was still. The dead leaves on the ground didn’t move. All of a sudden I get a call from my mom, freaking out because my Aunt Bonnie had told her there was a Huge snow storm and Atlanta was covered in ice and maniacs. Turns out this was true…ish (three inches only) but 12 hours early. We then took off for breakfast. We ate at Waffle House. It was awesome. The staff was extremely nice. They gave us a free waffle and wished us a safe trip when we were done. The food was super delicious. Bet waffles ever!

Driving from there to Orlando was nine hours because of stopping for gas and trying to find a Chick-fil-a that was open (nOne are on Sunday). My car is such a shit box. I didn’t realize until we are on the highway and it sounds like all the doors are cracked open. He wind rushes through the car. I feel like I’m driving a sea shanty- like I’m charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush!

Finally we reached Florida. We stopped at the tourist center where I picked up a helpful pamphlet on preventing gators from loitering on my porch. We entered our hotel a half hour before I had to go to dinner at the T-Rex cafe in Downtown Disney. I plan to post pics but just know that that hotel room was nicer than any home I’ve been in. The bath was made to fit three people!!!!

After unloading and Joe shaving, we headed out. This is where my Disney adventure begins.


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