30 Day Challenge (Days 9-18) Redo

Okay, so apparently WordPress lost the updates I did, so I’ll try to recreate them. I’m a bit under the weather though and have little patience right now so I apologize.


Here we go…

Day 9: Your Favorite Original Character.

Daisy Duck

From Disneyland Paris

While not one of the Original Five (Daisy being the sixth character created), I still love Daisy the best. She is the sexiest and the cutest and I relate to her the most. Plus, she is the only one without a funny accent. Hahaha.


Day 10: Your Favorite Song

Part of Your World – Ariel from the Little Mermaid

This is a great movie to watch during your Crimson Tide. It has drama, teen angst, power ballads, hope, and they are all reflected in the song. I love it.


Day 11: Your Favorite Love Song

A Whole New World– Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin

Such a romantic song. It is a perfect duet, just so lovely. Awe.


Day 12: Your Favorite Villain Song

Be Prepared– Scar from the Lion King

I love this song, it is so upbeat. In fact, all the songs are upbeat. But I love how great this song is, how intellectual the lyrics are. The evil empress inside me appeals to the song.


Day 13: Your Least Favorite Song

I Won’t Say I’m in Love– Meg from Hercules

Okay, let me clarify. I love the song, I just hate Meg. She is too annoying and sarcastic. Everytime I hear this song I get angry and want to replace her with a more deserving character.


Day 14: Your Favorite Kiss

Belle and Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast

So wonderful. I still get a bit teary eyed when watching this. I mean, c’mon, a magical kiss. Who could resist that?


Day 15: The First Movie You Saw


Again I have to clarify. This wasn’t the first movie I saw, but it WAS the first movie that I remember going to see in the theater on opening day. I remember the excitement as the blue castle came up with the orchestral rainbow. Then the sepia painting emerged describing Jamestown in 1697. Soooo exciting!!!

Day 16: Your Favorite Classic

Steamboat Willie

The first classic. ‘Nuf said.


Day 17: Your Least Favorite Classic


This is a fucking scary ass movie. They turn into donkeys, for crying out loud!!! I refuse to own this movie. Or ever watch it again.


Day 18: Your Favorite Pixar Film

Toy Story 3

I love most of the Pixar films. But TS3 has to win because of one very important thing: Barbie and Ken. I had all of the outfits that Ken wore except for the vintage ones in the Dreamhouse (by the way, that was Ken’s Dreamhouse. It is an actual thing and that was what was put into the movie). Love love love love love. Barbie 4Ever BCuz a Plastic Tan Never Fades.




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