30 Day Challenge (Days 20-24)

Day 20: Favorite Sequel

Toy Story 3!

Okay, I think that the reason why is obvious: Barbie and Ken. But it’s also a good movie that is funny and scary.


Day 21: An Overrated Movie


I dunno, there is just something about this that I feel kinda eh about. Maybe it’s that the characters don’t sing, or are too stupid and naive to realize the guy in their camp was obviously a poacher. Runner up: Hercules.


Day 22: An Underrated Movie

Tinker Bell

People don’t give it a chance, which is a shame since it is so adorable!


Day 23: A Movie that Makes You Laugh


Okay, it’s late, so I just went with the last to make me laugh…


Day 24: A Movie that Makes You Cry


“You were my new dream.” “You were my new dream, too.” AHHH! So cute!




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