Good Days, Bad Days

So, finally, a real post.


Here are a few of the true stories I’ve experienced (and my roommates).


First, a Bad Story.


One of my roommates works in a hotel. I won’t say which or which, so we’ll say it’s Gretel who works at the Sleep Easy. Tonight, before her training shift ended, a man and his wife came huffing over to her carrying a large silver platter. Piled on it was a beautiful basket full of fruits, some expensive cheese and crackers, as well as some glass bottles of Evian water.

“Oh, how nice,” exclaims Gretel.

“You can have it,” says the man, “I don’t want it.”

The man then proceeds to complain that it was his birthday, and his daughter’s birthday the next day, and they just got back at ten pm from the Magic Kingdom to find this birthday surprise waiting for him (along with a bottle of wine). He was so apparently (I’m guessing since the staff couldn’t figure out what the guests wanted) offended that the Sleep Easy did not tell him ahead of time what they were doing, planned foods according to his tastes, and then monitered his movements at the park to know when he was coming home so they could bring it up fresh. He did not like that the food had been sitting out all day. He was offended that they brought him wine, because he doesn’t drink wine and this was such a burden and an insult. He did not receive a birthday card from Mickey, and that was unacceptable. He did not have an ocean view room (no hotel in Orlando has an ocean view room since we’re in the middle of the state) and that was unacceptable.

He said that he wanted to have seen a list of the ammenities and then pick them out himself. The staff said that it was a surprise birthday gift. That was, in the guests’ opinion (his wife, though quiet, was extremely aggressive and rude) insulting. He didn’t know that the hotel gave the guests ammenities, which the hotel staff said that they didn’t, this was a surprise to make up for not having an ocean view room, in addition to the $500 that the hotel had given him earlier that day to spend however the family wished.

In the end, after a forty minute tirade, the man yelled that his daughter was to have a card from his daughter’s favorite character, a personal birthday phone call, and a chocolate birthday cake brought up fresh to the family. However, he didn’t know how the hotel was going to do that since the family wouldn’t be coming back until ten and he didn’t want to give his daughter cake at ten at night (he later ended up demanding a cake that night, which was at 11 pm).

So, stay tuned for the rest because that was all that happened tonight with that story.


The Sad(ish) News

Another of my roommates works at a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom where the guests get to eat with the characters. One night, while it was very busy, a man came up and asked if he and his wife could enter. My roommate explained that you need to have a reservation to enter the restaurant. The man leaned in with tears in his eyes and explained that his wife was dying of brain cancer and her final wish was to meet Tigger. Now, people here hear this kind of thing all the time. And it seems about fifty/fifty of if they are telling the truth (isn’t that horrible?). My roommate called to get her manager, and while they were waiting, the man asked if the wife could sit down since it was hard for her to stand very long. However, the manager answered before she could sit that they could come in and quickly meet Tigger. The man led in his wife, who ran sobbing to Tigger and gave him a long, wet hug as she just cried into his shoulder. After a few minutes of crying on the wife’s part, the husband’s part, and some of the other guest’s part, the man and wife left. The man thanked my roommate, and the women, who’s cancer had apparently spread to the part of the brain that resulted in her thinking she was a kid, exclaimed happily to my roommate: “I got to meet Tigger today.”


Now two of my stories, two of my three favorites so far.

I was leaving from working the pin cart that enters ToonTown when a little girl named Anna came up and asked to see my pins. She was around four years old, and she had a birthday pin and was surrounded by tons of adult relatives. I squatted to show her the pins on the lanyard around my neck (as part of the pin trading process that is a popular hobby among guests and workers). She liked my Chip n Dale key pin. When she started to take off her Tinker Bell pin (she was wearing a Tink shirt) I exclaimed, “Not Tinkerbell!” Her family started freaking out, telling her not to do it, that she doesn’t have to do it. So I took her hands off the pin and put them on the one I was holding out.

“Here,” I said, “It’s a birthday gift. Have a super happy birthday, Anna.”

Her family kept thanking me, their eyes were so wide with shock. Anna was nonchalant (after all, kids are used to free things, everything is free to a kid) and excitedly showed her mom her new pin.


The next is just a funny story.

A little girl named Madeleine also had a birthday pin, which says her name and that it’s her birthday. The girl working next to me, Julie, waved to her and said, “Happy birthday Madeleine!”
She ran to her mom and whisper shouted, “Mom, she knew my name!”

A little while later, Julie was ringing up her mom’s transaction I asked how old she was. She held up five fingers. “Wow!” I exclaimed (we exclaim a lot here at the Magic Kingdom), “A whole handful!”

“Do you know how many fingers Mickey has?” Asked the girl next to me to Madeleine, “Four.”

“You’re older than Mickey!” I exclaimed for who knows what reason.

The girl just kinda smiled in response, but as her mom was leading her away Madeleine pulled on her mom’s arm and said, “Mom! I’m older than Mickey!”

30 Day Challenge (Days 20-24)

Day 20: Favorite Sequel

Toy Story 3!

Okay, I think that the reason why is obvious: Barbie and Ken. But it’s also a good movie that is funny and scary.


Day 21: An Overrated Movie


I dunno, there is just something about this that I feel kinda eh about. Maybe it’s that the characters don’t sing, or are too stupid and naive to realize the guy in their camp was obviously a poacher. Runner up: Hercules.


Day 22: An Underrated Movie

Tinker Bell

People don’t give it a chance, which is a shame since it is so adorable!


Day 23: A Movie that Makes You Laugh


Okay, it’s late, so I just went with the last to make me laugh…


Day 24: A Movie that Makes You Cry


“You were my new dream.” “You were my new dream, too.” AHHH! So cute!



30 Day Challenge (Day 19)

Day 19: Your Least Favorite Pixar Film

The Incredibles

There are a bunch of little reasons why this is my least favorite. I like Jack-jack and Edna. But I don’t like the other characters. And the villain was stupid. A big yawn for me.

30 Day Challenge (Days 9-18) Redo

Okay, so apparently WordPress lost the updates I did, so I’ll try to recreate them. I’m a bit under the weather though and have little patience right now so I apologize.


Here we go…

Day 9: Your Favorite Original Character.

Daisy Duck

From Disneyland Paris

While not one of the Original Five (Daisy being the sixth character created), I still love Daisy the best. She is the sexiest and the cutest and I relate to her the most. Plus, she is the only one without a funny accent. Hahaha.


Day 10: Your Favorite Song

Part of Your World – Ariel from the Little Mermaid

This is a great movie to watch during your Crimson Tide. It has drama, teen angst, power ballads, hope, and they are all reflected in the song. I love it.


Day 11: Your Favorite Love Song

A Whole New World– Aladdin and Jasmine from Aladdin

Such a romantic song. It is a perfect duet, just so lovely. Awe.


Day 12: Your Favorite Villain Song

Be Prepared– Scar from the Lion King

I love this song, it is so upbeat. In fact, all the songs are upbeat. But I love how great this song is, how intellectual the lyrics are. The evil empress inside me appeals to the song.


Day 13: Your Least Favorite Song

I Won’t Say I’m in Love– Meg from Hercules

Okay, let me clarify. I love the song, I just hate Meg. She is too annoying and sarcastic. Everytime I hear this song I get angry and want to replace her with a more deserving character.


Day 14: Your Favorite Kiss

Belle and Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast

So wonderful. I still get a bit teary eyed when watching this. I mean, c’mon, a magical kiss. Who could resist that?


Day 15: The First Movie You Saw


Again I have to clarify. This wasn’t the first movie I saw, but it WAS the first movie that I remember going to see in the theater on opening day. I remember the excitement as the blue castle came up with the orchestral rainbow. Then the sepia painting emerged describing Jamestown in 1697. Soooo exciting!!!

Day 16: Your Favorite Classic

Steamboat Willie

The first classic. ‘Nuf said.


Day 17: Your Least Favorite Classic


This is a fucking scary ass movie. They turn into donkeys, for crying out loud!!! I refuse to own this movie. Or ever watch it again.


Day 18: Your Favorite Pixar Film

Toy Story 3

I love most of the Pixar films. But TS3 has to win because of one very important thing: Barbie and Ken. I had all of the outfits that Ken wore except for the vintage ones in the Dreamhouse (by the way, that was Ken’s Dreamhouse. It is an actual thing and that was what was put into the movie). Love love love love love. Barbie 4Ever BCuz a Plastic Tan Never Fades.



On the road (part 3)

Sorry about the lack of updating. I’ve been so busy. Last night I fell asleep at 9 and probably could have slept until noon. To recap from where I left off:

I awoke to the bright Georgia sun shining into the room, illuminating the two beds in a golden halo of warmth. The trees were lush and green and the wind was still. The dead leaves on the ground didn’t move. All of a sudden I get a call from my mom, freaking out because my Aunt Bonnie had told her there was a Huge snow storm and Atlanta was covered in ice and maniacs. Turns out this was true…ish (three inches only) but 12 hours early. We then took off for breakfast. We ate at Waffle House. It was awesome. The staff was extremely nice. They gave us a free waffle and wished us a safe trip when we were done. The food was super delicious. Bet waffles ever!

Driving from there to Orlando was nine hours because of stopping for gas and trying to find a Chick-fil-a that was open (nOne are on Sunday). My car is such a shit box. I didn’t realize until we are on the highway and it sounds like all the doors are cracked open. He wind rushes through the car. I feel like I’m driving a sea shanty- like I’m charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush!

Finally we reached Florida. We stopped at the tourist center where I picked up a helpful pamphlet on preventing gators from loitering on my porch. We entered our hotel a half hour before I had to go to dinner at the T-Rex cafe in Downtown Disney. I plan to post pics but just know that that hotel room was nicer than any home I’ve been in. The bath was made to fit three people!!!!

After unloading and Joe shaving, we headed out. This is where my Disney adventure begins.

30 Day Challenge (Day 8)

Day 8:

Your Favorite Villain:

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

My Homage that I made on Polyvore


She is the scariest villain. I seriously could not watch this movie until after puberty because I was still frightened of her. I think now that it must be her eyes. They are soulless.

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