30 Day Challenge (Days 5 + 6)

Day 5: Favorite Hero

Captain Jack Sparrow

Do I really have to say anything here? No, didn’t think so.

Day 6: Favorite Animal

Stitch from Lilo and Stitch

Since Gollum and Dobby aren’t Disney creations, I of course have to go with their brother, Stitch. He’s the cutest little creature of intelligence and fur ever. Sure, he can’t do magic, but he’s so cute and fluffy it really doesn’t matter.

Disney 30 Day Challenge (Days 1-3)

It is just under midnight, so I can safely list my answers to the first three days challenges.

Day 1: Your Favorite Character.

Tinkerbell, from Peter Pan, the Disney Fairies series, and the Tinker Bell movies.

While Tinkerbell was always my favorite Pan character, she didn’t become my favorite Disney character until around middle school. I related to her, and that she never got the guy she liked. Now that I’m older, I like the character for other reasons. A good one is that in her lifespan of 57 years (still younger than my mom), she has had the privilage of evolving and expanding more than any other Disney character. Think about it. Can you name another Disney character (okay, other that the original 5 such as Mickey) that has grown in personality and popularity. The company sells more of this character than any other female character. She started out as not having any speaking parts in a movie (technically, a play first, but even then she was just a little ball of light) and now has 5 movies with her name in them, two without, countless books and magazines, each adding to her character. May I also mention that those items I just named are only Disney products? I’m not even gonna mention the stuff I’m gonna cover in my thesis (watch out, Julia Roberts).

Day 2: Favorite Disney Princess:

Okay, disclaimer here, this is a toughy. I constantly change my favorite princesses. So I’ll just include them all here and why. After all, it’s my own damn blog.

Belle, from Beauty and the Beast



Belle was me growing up: reading books all the time, living in France (okay, I just wanted to live in France), hanging around dandelion weeds. I thought Belle was who I wanted to be when I grew up, but with Blonde hair, of course.

Jasmine from Aladdin


I loved playing with my Jasmine Barbie. Her hair was so easy to brush, her clothes were so cute. My Jasmine pajamas were almost never taken off my body. I realized early that silks and barefeet are the most comfortable way to go. Granted, Jasmine is the sexiest of the princesses, but I love that about her. She is who she is. Jasmine doesn’t wait around for things to happen, she embarks on her own. Plus she has a pet Siberian tiger (yup, that is the breed of tiger in the film), and I’ve always wanted one of those.

Giselle from Enchanted

Animated Giselle

I love the animation for this film. I think that Giselle ends up being the prettiest princess because of it. Although, legally she’s not a princess. I’m gonna include her anyway since she was this close to becoming one. Anyway, Giselle earns my love for being perky and fun, a bit naive. She’s got the best songs, I mean, I still sing to her three songs whenever I clean my room. Plus, it’s now a dream of mine to have a spontaneous dance number in Central Park. Patrick Dempsey is optional.

Rapunzel from Tangled

Rapunzel and Pascal

Currently she is my fave since we look a lot alike. We have blonde hair and green eyes. And when looking like Disney princesses, that’s all you need. She’s a true princess, unlike Tianna or Belle who sleep their way into the castle. She’s just such a cute and fun character. And I totally love her hair. Sigh.

Day 3: Favorite Disney Heroine

Giselle from Enchanted



Giselle is a true HEROine. She enters this strange world, tries to understand it, and in the end saves the day from a huge dragon. Then she even opens up her own clothing line. Awesome. I wouldn’t mind spending a day with Giselle, or working permanently at her shop since you know I’d have the best clothes in town, sugar. AND we’d get to have spontaneous dance sequences in Central Park, a dream I’ve had since 2008.